Malinowski Remarks Supporting HR 1

March 6, 2019
Press Release

Madame Speaker, today I rise today in support for H.R. 1, the For the People Act.

When I was running for Congress, I heard again and again that Americans are losing faith in their government. People asked why the votes they cast don’t lead to the outcomes they want.

At a time when we are so divided in this body and this country, I can think of nothing more unifying than a bill that addresses the source of our constituents’ discontent.

To those who have raised concerns about H.R. 1 here, let me say that in my district, I have not met a single person, Republican or Democrat, who thinks it’s a good idea to let anonymous donors spend millions of untraceable dollars on political attack ads, or to have a campaign finance system so opaque that Russian oligarchs can easily channel money into it to influence our elections.

I haven’t met a single person, Republican or Democrat, who thinks it’s just fine for members of Congress to sit on the boards of corporations we regulate, or for presidents to hide their tax returns.

Or anyone who’s perfectly fine partisan gerrymandering, or who is happy that we’ve done nothing to secure our elections from foreign hacking.

These are not partisan issues among the American people. On the contrary, when I vote yes on H.R. 1, I’ll be doing what the vast majority of my constituents are demanding, to make our democracy work better for everyone, no matter our party or point of view. I can’t wait to cast that vote.

Thank you and I yield back the remainder of my time.