Rep. Malinowski Statement on House Efforts to End Government Shutdown

January 8, 2019
Press Release

Tonight, the US House of Representatives did the responsible work of passing legislation to reopen the government.  We have sent to the Senate the same spending bills that it passed last month with unanimous Republican support, which provide the president with far more money for border security than he has been willing to spend thus far. Now it's up to the Senate to do the right thing and end this shutdown. 

The American people do not want to waste billions of dollars on a wall that won’t stop illegal immigration but will make America look fearful and foolish. They overwhelmingly do not want the government shut down over a wall. Senate Republicans need to decide whether they are working for the people who sent us to Congress, or for an increasingly unstable president who will never return their loyalty and whose recklessness and selfishness sent their party to defeat in the midterm election. 

It is my sincere hope that Republicans and Democrats in Congress can seize this chance to show that we can forge responsible consensus together, rather than remaining hostage to the president’s whims. If we can do that, we will not only reopen the government but restore the Congress to a coequal branch of government and start to make real progress on the issues voters demanded in November.