Malinowski Transportation Loans Initiative Advanced in Appropriations Package

February 15, 2019
Press Release
(Washington DC) The spending package adopted by Congress last night implements for FY2019 the goals of Representative Malinowski’s first legislative initiative, introduced last month: The Transportation Funding Fairness Act.

In the Department of Transportation funding provisions of the 2019 spending package, now signed into law, Congress clarified its intent to permit state governments to count federal transportation loans towards a state’s share of jointly funded infrastructure projects.  

“The Administration’s argument that transportation loans, which states have to pay back in full, don’t count as part of their contribution to transportation projects was absurd and a transparent effort to derail Gateway,” said Malinowski.

Malinowski’s legislation would make it easier for New Jersey to finance its portion of the Gateway project by allowing states to count federal transportation loans toward their share of jointly funded infrastructure projects. The spending package codified this clarification for 2019. Malinowski’s legislation would make it permanent.

“The TFFA will clear one of the obstacles the administration has placed in the path of building Gateway, and other similar projects around the country,” said Malinowski. “I am deeply gratified that Congress has taken the first step, and will do all I can to make this commitment permanent.”