Representative Malinowski Condemns Failure to Address Debt Limit

September 30, 2021
Press Release

(Washington, DC) The House of Representatives has passed a Continuing Resolution to keep the government open through 12/03/2021 and extend critical federal funding programs. The legislation includes over $7 billion in disaster relief for New Jerseyans impacted by Tropical Storm Ida. Representative Malinowski voted in favor of this legislation and issued the below statement following its passage.

“Today we did the responsible thing and averted a government shutdown to continue basic services for the American people, and to provide emergency help for New Jerseyans recovering from Ida. But Congress still must prevent an impending economic catastrophe by raising the debt ceiling.

Congress has addressed the debt limit on a bipartisan basis. During the Trump Administration, Republicans and Democrats came together to raise the debt ceiling three times, even while Republicans used reconciliation to add $2 trillion to the debt with their 2017 tax bill. Yet this time, Republicans have chosen to vote against paying our nation’s bills to intentionally trigger the first ever default on our nation’s debt in United States history, simply because a Democrat is in the White House.

‘Don’t play Russian roulette with our economy,’ Mitch McConnell said just last week – yet he continues to take the debt hostage and jeopardize the full faith and credit of the United States; threatening investor confidence, borrowing power, and millions of American jobs. This toxic partisanship is reckless, dangerous, and unacceptable.”