Representative Malinowski Remarks in Support of War Powers Resolution

January 9, 2020
Press Release

(Washington DC) Today the House passed the bipartisan H. Con. Res. 83, A War Powers Resolution Limiting the President’s Military Actions Regarding Iran.  Representative Malinowski spoke on the House Floor in support of the bill. Below is a transcript of his remarks and the video can be found here

“We may be relieved that an impulsive act by President Trump has not immediately led to war with Iran. We may be relieved that an evil man is dead.

But as that evil man wished, our troops have now been asked to leave Iraq, and if they stay, their ability to work with Iraqis to fight ISIS has been shot.

As he wished, the protest movement in Iran and Iraq that threatened the Iranian regime has been silenced.

As he wished, Iran is now breaking free of all restrictions on its nuclear program.

We are not safer today. And in this moment of danger, there is just one question that this Resolution asks: not do you support what the President has already done, but should Congress play our constitutional role in deciding what happens next?

I support this Resolution because passing it will protect us against going to war with a tweet. But it also ensures that if we do go to war, which we may have to at some point, we will do so with the American people united not divided, as the framers intended and our national interest demands.”