Representative Malinowski Secures Additional Emergency Assistance for New Jersey Communities Impacted by Tropical Storm Ida

September 22, 2021
Press Release

(Washington, DC) Last night the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution funding portions of the federal government through Dec. 3, 2021. The bill includes over $7 billion specifically to support communities devastated by Hurricane Ida and $17 billion for the federal Disaster Relief Fund to broadly respond to natural disasters around the country. In the days following the devastating floods that rocked New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District, Rep. Malinowski led the New Jersey delegation in calling for supplemental federal assistance for Ida’s victims. Representative Malinowski spoke on the House floor prior to the bill’s passage. Watch his remarks here or read them below.

“Mr. Speaker,

Three weeks ago, the remnants of Hurricane Ida slammed into New Jersey, claiming 30 lives, devastating my district.

President Biden's Major Disaster Declaration unlocked the financial help that we need. And today, Congress is heeding or call to fund that assistance with billions of dollars to help homeowners and small businesses rebuild and to support the flood control projects that we desperately need the Army Corps to complete to prevent the next disaster.

While we need the help – and I'm proud to have played my part in securing it – we also know that the solution to these increasingly catastrophic storms can't simply be that we apply to FEMA for help to fix our homes every five years, or that we keep building ever higher and higher floodwalls. We've got to recognize that climate change is four feet of water in your basement. And the cost of not dealing with it is far greater than the cost of transitioning away from fossil fuels.

We can resign ourselves to have a country on fire and half a country underwater, or we can lead the world to clean energy. I prefer to do that.

I yield back.”