Representative Malinowski Shares Mid-Year Progress Report

July 14, 2021
Press Release

(Somerville, NJ) Today, Representative Malinowski shared a mid-year progress report detailing constituent services provided in the first half of 2021 and throughout his time in Congress. Since Rep. Malinowski was first sworn into the House of Representatives in January 2019, he and his staff have been committed to serving the constituents of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District.

“Since the start of 2020 my office has seen a 612% increase in requests for assistance from constituents looking for a lifeline,” said Representative Malinowski. “I’m proud we’ve been able to make a small difference for so many still recovering from one of the most challenging chapters in their lives.

Highlights include:

Constituent Casework: Since 2019, Rep. Malinowski and his staff have opened over 7,900 casework requests from constituents of New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District and have resolved over 6,200. Many of these constituents are seeking assistance with travel and immigration issues, accessing federal benefits, and securing unemployment benefits and resources for small businesses. 

If you are having an issue with a federal agency contact our office by filling out the online casework form, located here. While we cannot guarantee you a favorable outcome, we will do our best to help you receive a fair and timely response to your problem. Our staff is available to assist constituents virtually or in person by appointment, at our district office in Somerville, NJ.

"I was unable to file for unemployment because my account had been locked due to a previously filed fraudulent claim under my name…I tried for weeks and finally contacted Congressman Tom Malinowski. His office reached out to me that same day!... I was able to file and claim benefits and I was made whole back to the first week of unemployment,” said Marlene from Milford.

"[The Congressman's staff] was very, very helpful. [They] understood my situation and reached out to USCIS regarding my case. [They] followed up with USCIS diligently and finally my case was approved on Dec 10th. This saved my job. Also it helped my family greatly. We are so grateful to...Congressman Tom Malinowski,” said Christilda from Bridgewater.

"In preparation for retirement, my wife and I applied for Medicare Part B… By early May, we had not heard from the Social Security Administration and no one could confirm that they even had our applications… I contacted Congressman Malinowski’s office, who went right to work… [The Congressman’s staff] stayed in touch, updating us what was happening at each step in the process,” said Jeffrey and Alene from Westfield

Connecting with Constituents: Rep. Malinowski has hosted 98 virtual and in-person town halls and has attended over 410 public events around the district since 2019. The office has also held over 1,200 meetings with constituents since the start of his first term, and replied to over 79,800 letters, emails and phone calls.

Rep. Malinowski and staff continue to connect with constituents one-on-one in a variety of ways. To request a meeting with the Congressman or a member of his staff, click here.  To stay up to date on Rep. Malinowski’s upcoming events, click here.

Our constituent services representatives will also be available during Mobile Office Hours in towns across the district. Mobile office hours are an effort to reach more constituents where they live to help them address issues they may be having with a federal agency or learn more about the services provided by our office. To view times and locations for July, click here.

Returning Federal Dollars to NJ-07: Rep. Malinowski has successfully fought to return millions in federal tax dollars to our community. So far this fiscal year, New Jersey’s 7th Congressional District has received over $24 million in non-covid related federal grant funding. This includes funds for local infrastructure projects, community health clinics, and support for local nonprofits.

In March, Rep. Malinowski delivered over $127 million to the 7th district through the American Rescue Plan; directly supporting district higher education institutions, community health clinics, and small business. Additional support from the federal Paycheck Protection Program benefited over 20,000 small businesses and non-profits in the 7th district, supporting over 200,000 jobs

Representative Malinowski has made delivering direct local assistance a top priority and has secured an estimated $79 million in federal spending that will be distributed throughout the 7th district in the coming months to ensure municipalities can continue to provide critical services without raising property taxes. Rep. Malinowski’s office is working with all 75 towns within the district to ensure they can access the relief available. Under Rep. Malinowski’s leadership, public school districts in NJ-07 also received a combined total of over $56.8 million. American Rescue Plan funding continues to be distributed throughout the district and reporting is ongoing.

These dollars are in addition to the expanded and extended federal unemployment benefits received by 96,812 constituents over the last 16 months, and the multiple rounds of stimulus payments received by over 4 million New Jerseyans.

Legislative Achievements: So far during the 117th Congress, Rep. Malinowski has introduced 8 bills, 3 resolutions, and has cosponsored over 170 pieces of legislation. Legislation introduced by Rep. Malinowski this term includes:

  • Fairness for Landowners Facing Eminent Domain Act: Reforms the Natural Gas Act to protect property owners facing eminent domain for the construction of pipelines, like the PennEast Pipeline.
  • Protecting Americans from Dangerous Algorithms Act: Holds large social media platforms accountable for their algorithmic amplification of harmful, radicalizing content that leads to offline violence.
  • The National Coronavirus Commission Act of 2021: Creates an independent, non-partisan commission, closely modeled after the 9/11 Commission that investigated the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, to assess the nation’s preparedness and response to COVID-19 and provide recommendations to improve our country’s readiness for future epidemics and pandemics. 

Additional legislation championed by Rep. Malinowski includes:

  • American Rescue Plan Act: Signed by President Biden to address the unprecedented COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. The $1.9 trillion relief package continues to accelerate vaccine distribution, speed the opening of schools, provide direct support to millions of struggling Americans, and dramatically lower health care costs for middle class families.
  • INVEST in America Act: A comprehensive bill passed by the House to revitalize America’s aging infrastructure, accelerate our economic recovery, and help America transition to a clean energy future. The bill invests hundreds of billions of dollars in America’s roads, bridges, tunnels, railways, transit, and wastewater systems, while meeting the challenge of climate change; and includes several of Rep. Malinowski’s legislative initiatives to fund the Gateway Program and local infrastructure projects across New Jersey’s 7th district. The bill also includes a provision authored by Rep. Malinowski to support the development and deployment of construction materials that capture and store greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.
  • For the People Act: Strengthens election protections and voter access. The bill includes a provision of Rep. Malinowski’s Anti-Collusion Act that will help insulate future elections in the United States from foreign interference.

The 117th Congress:  As the 117th Congress continues, Rep. Malinowski remains committed to fighting for the priorities of New Jersey's 7th district. These priorities include:

  • Prioritizing the affordability and accessibility of healthcare for all Americans.
  • Continuing his role as a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus in developing a bipartisan infrastructure bill that will fund and accelerate the construction of the Gateway Program while accelerating our transition to clean energy.
  • Rebuilding our local economy by continuing to support small businesses in the community.
  • Fighting for the restoration of our State and Local Tax Deduction (SALT).
  • Continuing his work to hold large social media platforms accountable for their algorithmic amplification of harmful, radicalizing content as addressed in his Protecting Americans Against Dangerous Algorithms Act. As well as advocating for the resources law enforcement require to effectively combat the national rise in domestic terrorism.
  • Standing up for landowners in New Jersey who would be affected by the PennEast Pipeline by working to stop the unnecessary pipeline from moving forward. 

Rep. Malinowski’s office frequently provides constituents with updates from Congress through our e-newsletter. Click here to receive the latest information directly to your inbox. To reach our office, please call (908) 547-3307, or visit