Representative Malinowski Statement on COVID-19 Relief Budget Reconciliation Measure

February 3, 2021
Press Release

(Washington, DC) Today, the House of Representatives passed a resolution that allows Congress to get critical relief to the American people as quickly as possible, under a procedure known as budget reconciliation. Reconciliation would allow President Biden’s American Rescue Plan to pass the Senate with a simple majority, rather than the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster. Representative Malinowski voted in favor of the legislation.

“People are hurting now, and we have no time to waste in getting them help, while crushing the pandemic so that the economy can recover,” said Representative Malinowski. “While I would prefer, and will continue to encourage, bipartisan agreement, we need to keep every option available to speed up the vaccinations and get the American people relief before benefits expire in March.”

The budget resolution passed today is an essential first step to passing a Covid relief and recovery package that will:

  • Beat the virus and safely reopen schools – The plan will mount a national vaccination program that includes setting up community vaccination sites and hiring vaccinators. It will also take complementary measures to combat the virus, including scaling up testing and tracing, addressing shortages of personal protective equipment and other critical supplies, investing in high-quality treatments and addressing health care disparities.  The plan will also make the investments necessary to safely reopen schools, while expanding access to child care.
  • Deliver immediate relief to working families bearing the brunt of the crisis – The plan will provide direct assistance to households across America by $1,400 per person, and extend pandemic unemployment assistance through September. It will also provide direct housing and nutrition assistance to families struggling to get by,  and give families with children, as well as childless workers, a boost through enhanced tax credits.
  • Support communities struggling with the economic fallout – The plan will provide support for the hardest-hit small businesses, including restaurants.
  • Include $350 billion in emergency funding for state and local governments— The plan provides resources for state and local governments to protect the jobs of front line public workers, while also effectively distributing the vaccine, scaling testing, reopening schools, and maintaining other vital services.